Beginning a Charlotte Mason Education with Cheri Struble and Sara Dalton

30 Apr 2017 9:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Join Cheri Struble and Sara Dalton at the Eastern Conference, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY.

There are two elements to implementing any kind of educational theory – the philosophy and the practical application; the how and the why. Without a basic understanding of both of these aspects of Charlotte Mason’s educational method there is bound to be frustration, vexation and failure. On the other hand, with a little instruction in both (and a lot of grace!), education can be a delight for you and your students. 

In our pre-conference session we will outline Miss Mason’s basic philosophy and hopefully whet your appetite to start your own journey into studying Charlotte Mason’s own books and other Mason resources.  It takes time to learn the nuances of any philosophy, including Miss Mason’s. However, this step should not be overlooked, as to try to recreate a school day solely based on time tables and book lists is destined for frustration. But with the scaffolding of the “why”, you may adapt Mason’s method to fit your family, your children, and your culture. Then your efforts are supported and do not come falling down around you.

If philosophy is the scaffolding, the framework, then practical application and demonstration are the brick and mortar.  Many subjects like picture study, music, and even narration can be intimidating to a teacher just beginning to practice Mason’s philosophy.  Often things seem complicated when we read them, but once we participate in the new skill, they are easily reproducible.  Because we want you to leave the day inspired but also prepared, we will have several demonstrations of Miss Mason’s philosophy in action.   

Education should be a joy and delight, not about lists and subjects to check off.  Having the freedom to adapt suggestions to your family or classroom, yet remaining true to Charlotte Mason’s principles takes time, thoughtful discussion and prayer. Hopefully this class will inspire your home or classroom education to be a place where a peaceful atmosphere, thoughtful habits and amazing ideas abound.


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