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Friends -

We are delighted to open registration for the 2017 Western Charlotte Mason National Education Conference, which will be held at University of Redlands, Redlands, CA, and which is about an hour and a half east of Los Angeles, CA. This will be our second western conference and we look forward to building a long tradition of Charlotte Mason conferences for the west as we have for the east. 

Educators, both home and school are like all of us, they need refreshment and nourishing.  This conference will be designed to provide you with excellent knowledge about Mason and her methods, but also it will provide you some time to come away from the rush of life, to find a place to be quiet, a place to learn from others, to dialogue with others, and most importantly to build more relationships within the Mason community. 

This conference is designed to enjoy the full Mason community no matter which curriculum you choose to use.  One of the big goals for the Charlotte Mason Institute (CMI) is to reach out into the communities and provide well-researched information about Mason for every parent and teacher.  Come, join us, and be nourished on the educational ideas of Charlotte Mason who designed a way of educating that engages parents, teachers and children.  

Fortunately this year Amber Vanderpol and others have arranged a number of teen activities for the conference.  We will not have a separate teen conference, but a few activities for teens and the remainder of their time they will be involved in the regular conference.  These Charlotte Mason educated teens will also share with you some of their handwork, science knowledge and more.  We welcome these young people to our conference. 

There will be sessions on a variety of topics for everyone from the beginner to the more seasoned Mason educator.  The sessions will include such topics as Narration, Mason’s Twenty Principles, Geography, dictation, copy work, and much more. Immersions can also provide you with an in depth look at the methods of Mason.  

Early bird registration is from 1 April to 15 June 2017.  Regular registration is from 16 June until 5 July 2017.  Cancellation fees are as follows:  1) cancellation fee for early bird registration (before 15 June) is 15 per cent of the total cost and 2) cancellation fee for regular registration between 16 June and 5 July 2107 is 20 per cent of total costs.  There is not a separate group registration.

The conference proper will begin on Wednesday evening after supper.  If you plan to attend an immersion, you may need to stay over on Tuesday night rather than beginning your stay on Wednesday. Immersion sessions will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, 19 July 2017.  The late beginning is to give local individuals time to travel to the conference location.  However, if you fly in on Tuesday, you will need to stay four nights rather than three.

Dick Keyes of L'Abri Fellowship will be our keynote speaker.  He will engage with us on the topic of Heroism and the Redemption of the Imagination, which is our theme for 2017.

Special thanks to Laurie Vigorito, Robin Hancox, Kaci Bergey, and Raquel Arutian for their tireless behind the scenes work.   Without these individuals there would not be a conference for 2017.

The apartments at the University of Redlands have space for one person per room which is much better than last year’s accommodations which could house up to four individuals in one room.  Having your own room, yet being in an apartment with others will provide a sense of community as well as space for privacy.  Yet the price is much cheaper than a room for one individual as compared to last year's costs.  Meals and lodging are cheaper and thus the costs per person of this year’s conference is significantly cheaper.  The registration fee is lower as well.  The registration fee covers a lot of expenses and thus needs to be a little higher than the eastern conference.  Even with that, this year’s registration fee is more in line with the eastern conference.   All in all conference costs should be substantially cheaper than last year. 

Our conference pre-reads are True Heroism in a World of Celebrity Counterfeits and Beyond Identity: Finding Your Self in the Image and Character of God.  Both of these books are by our keynote speaker, Dick Keyes.

Since our online registration and financial system automatically caps our attendance, all registrations and payments must be made through the Event page at www.charlottemasoninstitute.com.  Once you are on the website and wish to register, click the menu item, Events and scroll down until you find the 2017 Western National Education Conference.  Be sure to notice that the eastern conference is close to the western and make sure you click on the western conference registration link.   

We can only accept payment through Paypal.  There is not an additional "shipping" charge as in the past with PayPal.  

As always, if you have any questions about registering for this year’s conference, please email us at administrator@charlottemasoninstitute.com.

Welcome to the 2017 CMI Western National Education Conference!  We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you,
Charlotte Mason Institute

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