Conference Workshop Sessions

Saturday - tentative

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Kelli Christenberry

The Basis of Our Days - Saturday

What we believe about life, our philosophy of life, determines our actions and values; what we believe about education, our philosophy of education, determines our approach in schooling our children.  What we do and how we accomplish education with our children must be traced backward to why it matters. It’s based on principles and practices; we have a definite aim. How does this impact our practices in our schools and homes?  How do we evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it with the practical everyday stuff of lessons and life?  As we consider The Basis of our Days, it will help us understand more about how to implement Education as an Atmosphere of respect, a Discipline of habits of the heart and mind, and a Life of relational ideas resting upon Truth.

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Nancy Elliott

Braving Plutarch - Saturday

Plutarch’s Lives depicts an incredible tapestry of human lives, provoking all to discover and develop their own viewpoints regarding the character and consequences of each life described.  What can we learn from their struggles and triumphs?  Was his life an example?  Or, was it a warning?  As Plutarch is post-graduate level reading, the notion of teaching from such a text could easily appear unnecessarily daunting.  In order to demystify what is involved in the teaching of such an important work, Nancy will follow the teaching format she uses as she takes the group real-time through a portion of the text and into group discussion.  She will also discuss the different translations available, as well as the realities of narration and the grand conversation within a group setting or at home.  Nancy will share her passion for teaching Plutarch that has grown from her experiences in seeing students begin to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others while studying the lives he depicted.

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Nancy Kelly

Shakespeare: The How and Why - Saturday 

In this workshop, Nancy will examine how and why Charlotte Mason's PNEU students were immersed in Shakespeare.  The results may surprise you!  She will be sharing her 20 years' experience in teaching Shakespeare to children, high schoolers, and adults - often all at the same time.  Personal anecdotes, recommended resources, and audience participation will be part of this session.


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Andy Smith

Geography:  Map Use with Upper Elementary Children - Saturday

Mason insisted that geography be more than geographical data and skills of graphicacy, that it be a life long source of nourishment and fill the mind with ideas and images.  How did she achieve this?  We will examine her use of maps, of story, how she prepared children for map work, and how she did map work as well as consider the property of maps as they relate to child development.  The session will conclude with maps that upper elementary students can make of small spaces.

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Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Ear, Mouth, Eye, Hand: Mason's Model of Language Development - Saturday

During this session, attendees will see how all of Mason’s language methods work together and add up to a sum that is greater than its parts. Jen will explain how language develops and how children progress in this development aided by narration, penmanship, copywork, dictation, grammar study, foreign language study, and composition.

Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Language Development - Saturday

The Toll House 


Amber Vanderpol

Music in a Mason Curriculum - Saturday

Music can be one of the great joys in life, even if you are not musically inclined. Mason’s educational method gradually developed a child’s ability to enjoy and appreciate music through a variety of means, far beyond listening to six different pieces of music by a composer in each term. In this session, we will explore the different facets of  musical education in Mason’s Programmes and how they build on and relate to one another.

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