Chat Sessions

Bouquet of Flowers


Nancy Kelly

TBG Teens (The Hive) - Wednesday

This high school collaborative meets twice a month for inspiration, instruction, scaffolding and some great conversation. Experienced CM teachers who have worked together in the TBG multi-age community teach both non-CM educated students and lifelong CM students in the subjects of Physics, Composition, Philosophy, Citizenship, Poetry, Literature, and more. The only fees are for materials as each student and parent benefits by the work of the others. The bulk of the work is done at home and self-education is the key.

Old Man Junier’s Trap


Dick Keyes

Q&A with Dick Keyes - Wednesday

During this time Dick Keyes will engage with anyone who wishes to ask him questions regarding his first plenary:  Redeeming the Imagination in the Christian Life.

Self Portrait from L’ile Saint Louis


Art Middlekauff

Chat for Dads: Education is a Discipline and a Life - Wednesday

Along with atmosphere, "the discipline of habit, and the presentation of living ideas" are the educational instruments that show proper respect to the personhood of children. Many dads are busy and have limited time available to leverage these educational instruments with their children. In this chat, we'll invite open discussion about what has worked and hasn't worked for dads supporting a Charlotte Mason education in their homes.

The Pink Candle

1909 - 1910

Andy Smith

A Hundred Pennies and A Tray:  Understanding 10s, decimals and percentages - Wednesday

Home and school educators can get much mileage from this simple, easy and inexpensive to use mathematical manipulative for elementary and middle school students.  It uses pennies in ten frames on a try to demonstrate various mathematical concepts.  It supplements any mathematical program already in use.  You can use the one hundred pennies and a tray to teach addition, subtract to a 100, decimals, percentages and more. 

Tropical Forest: Battling Tiger and Buffalo


Dr. Carroll Smith

What does it mean to be Human:  The Ontology of Charlotte Mason for Parents - Wednesday

There is an important reason that Mason made the number one principle upon which she founded her entire educational philosophy:  the child is a born person.  To understand Mason's theories and practices of education, we must understand her founding principle.  It is impossible to implement Mason well without understanding how this principle should guide us.   In this chat I will provide a few ideas that can help us understand this founding principle and its implication for teaching and learning.  We will then discuss the topic as a group. 

The Quarry

(date unknown)

Dr. Jennifer Spencer

Mason's Alveary - Wednesday

Do you have questions about the new Mason curriculum called Mason's Alveary created by the Charlotte Mason Institute?  Would you like to meet with others who have used it during this pilot year and with those who intend to use it next year?  Come and join Dr. Jennifer Spencer and ask her all your questions.  

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