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Nature Study Immersion with Marcia Mattern

08 Apr 2017 8:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Are you considering attending a conference this summer?   Over the past six years I have been attending conferences specific to Charlotte Mason that encourage me and my family on our homeschooling journey.   The conferences I have attended sometimes focus on the abstract and give me big ideas to ponder for months to come.  Other times I have been able to attend a conference that just allows for rest. From these I come home ready to face the rest of the schooling year with a light heart.  Still other times I have attended conferences that allow me to be the student.  I follow along in the footsteps of another homeschooling mother or father and become the complete learner.  I experience a day or a morning through the eyes of the child.  This allows me to see another way of implementing the philosophy and methodology.  It gives me pause to consider how best I may be the teacher in the coming months.  When I put myself in the place of those I will teach, I can begin to be more empathic for their experience. 

This summer I will be offering a Nature Study Immersion at CMI East.  What are some reasons you might want to take the nature immersion?  Are you afraid of bugs and dirt?  Do you feel like nature is boring or drudgery?  Have you lost the joy in nature study?  Do you want to open your own eyes to the natural world?  Need some systematic help in getting special studies soaring again?  Think a Natural History Club would keep you accountable to more outings?  These are just some reasons to attend!

Our gathering will begin with a short exercise in the habit of attention with a mini lecture on the impact of nature study for us as mothers and for our children.  Soon after we will head outside where we will spend the rest of the morning on a nature walk discovering the flora and fauna of Kentucky.  Together we will admire, wonder and question at all that we see and hear.  We will take time to record in our nature journals.  It’s important that you check the current weather trends to be appropriately dressed for all kinds of Kentucky weather! 

After lunch we will return to our discussion of the impacts of nature study including ways to implement it with various Forms.  We will share different products necessary and not so necessary to begin your family culture of nature study.  I’ll share my experiences with the Natural History Club in central Illinois and what I’ve gleaned from the Parents’ Review articles.   My daughter, Catherine, a homeschooled sophomore, will help direct a little dry brush exercise and give you helpful hints in making dry brush a breeze! 

Won’t you join us? 

Read more on my blog about our nature forays at www.motherwonderswhy.blogspot.com 

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