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Introducing Mason's Alveary

The Charlotte Mason Institute would like to take this opportunity to announce an exciting new development. For over ten years, CMI has worked hard to earn your trust as an organization that you can rely on for both depth and accuracy when it comes to Charlotte Mason. People have consistently asked us to develop and publish a curriculum that they can be sure mirrors Mason’s original work as much as possible, but that is not stuck in 19th century Britain. CMI has heard you, and we are now ready to release not just a modern, American-focused Charlotte Mason curriculum, but an educator training course that is designed to help you learn to implement Mason's model with fidelity and in light of current research as you teach.

What do we mean by a "modern" Charlotte Mason education?

We mean several things by this:

  • The world now has access to more information on the Charlotte Mason educational  model than ever before, since CMI partnered with The Armitt Museum and Library and Redeemer University College to digitize the Mason archives in Ambleside. CMI also recently acquired an entire set of the Parent's Review, which we are using to flesh out our understanding of Mason. Our ongoing research to analyze and cross-reference programmes, the volumes, and Parent's Review articles has given us more clarity than was previously possible. All of the discoveries and patterns that we find are immediately incorporated into our training and curriculum. We feel that this allows us to grow ever closer to Mason's original model using her principles as we attempt to apply them with a 21st century audience.
  • We use a blend of time-honored classics and robust modern literature. 
  • We are committed to only recommending books that are in print and easily available.
  • We do our very best to ensure that the language in the books we use is respectful of all people.
  • When we do find that an old book is the best one available, we provide notes and resources for parents to use to update any outdated information or to guide discussion.

What do we mean by "American in focus?"

Mason used a four-year history rotation, began with a study of her own country, and then added the study of France, a country whose history was deeply intertwined with Britain's. Finally, she added a stream of Ancient History beginning in Form 2A (5th grade). The Alveary applies this through the following sequence of study:

  • Form 1b (1st grade): Tales from American History
  • Form 1a (2nd-3rd grades): Chronological study of American History
  • Form 2b (4th grade): Continue the chronological study of American History and introduce British History through tales
  • Form 2a (5th-6th grades): Study correlated American and British Histories and add a stream of Ancient History that is also chronological
  • Forms 3 and up: Continue the chronological study of American History along with corresponding European/World and Ancient History

Students in Forms 2 and up study the same time periods at the same time, just as they did in Mason's programmes, with the following updated rotation to fit the American focus:

  • 1000 A.D - 1650 A.D plus Ancient Near East/Egypt (2016-17)
  • 1651 A.D - 1800 A.D plus Ancient Greece (2017-18)
  • 1801 A.D. - 1900 A.D. plus Ancient Rome (2018-19)
  • 1901 A.D. - Present plus Early Middle Ages (2019-20)

What comes with the $199 Alveary membership?

  • Programs by term for all your children in grades 1-8 for one year (High School is currently in development)
  • A Mason Quick-Start Guide, our clear, concise description of Mason's methods with instructions
  • A list of biographies and historical fiction that correlate to your child's studies for that term
  • "Extra Helpings" book suggestions that your child can choose to read if interest is especially high in one part of The Feast
  • Daily lesson plans to help you pace yourself, that help you understand how to use each book, and that provide supplemental resources and activities
  • Sample schedules of individual and combined forms that include suggested afternoon and evening activities that help you live out the philosophy holistically
  • Access to our Knowledge Base, which houses a wealth of information on a broad range of topics in the form of CMI blogs, tech tutorials, video demonstrations, webinar recordings, CMI conference lecture recordings, research articles, and Parent's Review articles
  • A monthly subscription to the Curated Parent's Review, which contains articles not available anywhere else
  • A monthly subscription to the Curated CMI Conference Lectures
  • Exclusive publishers' discounts on many of our recommended books and program materials
  • Priority registration and discounts on the national CMI conference
  • Access to live webinars at least once monthly on topics of importance to you and hosted by Mason experts
  • Access to our community- and knowledge-building Forum and Facebook page
  • Frequent newsletters that answer your questions
  • Term exams (Submission is voluntary; we use them to assess our program.)
  • Online book study groups
  • Extra support for subjects that are difficult for the generalist to teach, such as world languages and sol-fa
  • The knowledge that you are helping to support the Armitt and ongoing research

High School Pilot Program

We will be piloting our high school program this fall. This group will be capped at 150 students. To be eligible to participate, you must have use Mason's methodology for at least 4 years and attended a CMI-supported conference or retreat within the last 3 years. If you are interested, please fill out this application and someone will get in touch with you soon.

Questions about the Alveary? Check here first:


Sample Video Tutorial

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