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Old Man Junier’s Trap


Dick Keyes

Q&A with Dick Keyes - Wednesday

During this time Dick Keyes will engage with anyone who wishes to ask him questions regarding his first plenary:  Redeeming the Imagination in the Christian Life.

Self Portrait from L’ile Saint Louis


Art Middlekauff

Chat for Dads: Education is a Discipline and a Life - Wednesday

Along with atmosphere, "the discipline of habit, and the presentation of living ideas" are the educational instruments that show proper respect to the personhood of children. Many dads are busy and have limited time available to leverage these educational instruments with their children. In this chat, we'll invite open discussion about what has worked and hasn't worked for dads supporting a Charlotte Mason education in their homes.

The Pink Candle

1909 - 1910

Andy Smith

Demystifying Elementary Numeracy:  3D, 2D, Numbers, and Words - Wednesday

Too often young children are introduced to mathematical concepts in abstract form (2 + 2 = 4) before they are ready to understand such abstract concepts.  Thus, when asked to solve a problem like ½ x ¼ they can get the correct response because they have memorized the correct algorithm or procedure to follow.  This does not guarantee understanding.  It only shows their ability to follow a procedure.  Often the mathematical concepts are lost.  When they are asked to show through diagram, they cannot because they do not understand conceptually the mathematical ideas.  In this chat Andy will give parents and teachers one of the best means to teach early elementary children math beginning with the concrete and moving to the abstract.

Tropical Forest: Battling Tiger and Buffalo


Laurel Aldridge

Large Room Discoveries - Wonderful Things! - Thursday

There can be even more joy in exploring the riches Charlotte Mason shows us when we gather with other like-minded families to learn together. As you dive into the spacious, large room of this world in which you find yourself, take along a friend or three. I'll share with you the way our community has set about exploring our world.

As one mom from a group of 4 families in the CM community called The Large Room, I will be happy to share my insights into doing school with others. Since we are a far-flung group we make a day of it, meeting once every week from 9:30-3:00 with a potluck lunch. Moms share the teaching, each choosing topics to cover during the 12 week term. There are no fees beyond the cost of materials and applicable books. Our children range in age from 7 to 18.

The Quarry

(date unknown)

Lisa Cadora

Great River Co-op - Thursday

Information will be posted soon.

Bouquet of Flowers


Kelli Christenberry

CMI Study Groups - Thursday

Please join Kelli Christenberry and the CMI study groups for a discussion on ‘Sacredness of Personality’.  We will be talking through An Essay Toward a Philosophy of Education chapter 5.  Everyone is welcome! You do not have to be participating in of one of the current studies to join in, but please read the chapter ahead of time as we study together the vital ideas on Personhood from this reading!

Henri Rousseau as Orchestra Conductor

(date unknown)

Dick Keyes

Q&A with Dick Keyes - Thursday

During this time Dick Keyes will engage with anyone who wishes to ask him questions regarding his second plenary:  Who Needs Heroes?

A View of the Ile Saint Louis from Port Saint Nicolas Evening


Parke Stalcup and Stephanie Kling

Schools - Thursday

Have you ever thought about opening a school?  In this chat Parke and Stephanie will engage your questions on how Crestwood Day School started.  They can share with you the joys and the heartaches and all that is involved in running a school. 

The Wedding Party


 Nancy Kelly

TBG Teens (The Hive) - Thursday

This high school collaborative meets twice a month for inspiration, instruction, scaffolding and some great conversation. Experienced CM teachers who have worked together in the TBG multi-age community teach both non-CM educated students and lifelong CM students in the subjects of Physics, Composition, Philosophy, Citizenship, Poetry, Literature, and more. The only fees are for materials as each student and parent benefits by the work of the others. The bulk of the work is done at home and self-education is the key.

Seine and Eiffel Tower in the sunset


Gladys Schafer

Transitions: What to Do When the Kids Grow Up - Thursday

After spending more than two decades teaching my children and as I helped my youngest put the final touches on her freshman dorm room, I realized anew that it was time for me to ponder my future. What’s a girl to do? How do we, as parents and educators, prepare for our futures? Our time with Charlotte Mason has ruined us for an “ordinary” life. We have become readers and writers and listeners. The Holy Spirit has guided us into wisdom and knowledge, just as Mason realized as she gazed at that Florentine fresco and had her Great Recognition. Come join us for a quiet chat to explore and discover the great future the Lord has prepared for us. What did I do that fateful day after I left my youngest at her university? I signed up for graduate school and drank lots of coffee!

Ile de la Cite

1890 - 1900

Jennifer Stec

Overstone School, a Charlotte Mason Cooperative Community - Thursday

Founded in 2012, Overstone School is a vibrant community of parents, children and volunteers who meet on a weekly basis to read living books, study pictures and music, study nature, dance, model clay and enjoy many other life-giving relationships. Our school meets for a Fall and Spring Term, typically 12-15 weeks each term. We are divided into a Lower School and Upper School. The Lower School includes Forms 1-3 as well as an imaginative, play-based class for the 4 and 5 year old children of our teachers and volunteers. The Upper School includes Form 4-6 students and provides for-credit classes that are designed using living books, written and oral narration to study subject areas at the high school level. We are staffed by our parents and wonderful volunteers from our host church.

Our school has a unique, low-cost model that has met the needs of small and large families and enabled most parents to attend the national conference several times. For parents of 0-3 year olds, we offer a drop-off program in which they pay full price but are able to stay at home with their little ones and assist in at-home volunteer activities. Parents who have children 4 and older are trained to teach or volunteer in the school for a reduced tuition rate. Part of the tuition each year is set aside for a scholarship to the national conference. Because Overstone’s mission is to equip parents to teach their children using Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education, all parents attend a monthly book study on one of CM’s volumes and the CMI national conference here in Kentucky. 

Join Founder and Upper School Director Jenn Stec as she explains Overstone’s unique model, including how families join the school, how we schedule each term, how our upper school operates, and how we help our parents grow in their understanding of Mason’s philosophy of education.

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