The chair factory at Alfortville  1897


Before You Begin...

CMI has a limited amount of scholarships to award for those in need. If you are interested in a scholarship, you must submit an application no later than June 2017. CMI will review only those completed applications received electronically and will notify applicants by 5 July 2017.  If you choose to register prior to the scholarship notification date to hold a spot, CMI will refund your registration fee (less the non-refundable Paypal fees). 

Scholarship recipients are expected to stay for the entire conference. All scholarship recipients must register for the conference by 15 June 2017 (early bird registration deadline) or will need to cover the difference between the early bird and regular registration.

Applications will be reviewed for the following purposes:
• How the applicant supports a Charlotte Mason education;
• How the applicant aligns with the goals and purposes of the Institute;
• The applicant’s purposes for applying for the scholarship;
• How the applicant will put forth Mason’s educational ideas in the future in the classroom or home environment;
• How the applicant has local support by school administrators, co-op leaders, or board members.

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